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Delivery Details and Terms

Delivery Services


Delivery window ~ 23rd – 30th November 2023


  • SF Express: Office / residential addresses only.
  • Delivery service is limited to local delivery - overseas delivery is currently not available.
  • The shipping fee will be calculated per item, shipping fee of HK$50 will be charged for each item.
  • Products will be delivered within the delivery window date range, but the final delivery date is subject to actual circumstance. We cannot guarantee an exact delivery time due to circumstances such as traffic and route arrangements, etc. by SF Express.
  • Delivery service is available for all online orders within Hong Kong, except for certain areas which are not covered by SF Express. All orders are delivered to your doorstep through SF Express. For more information about the service coverage of SF Express, visit
  • Products will be delivered according to the delivery address provided by you. The handover of the products indicates the acceptance of the products by you or the recipient. If the products are received by the management office, the reception, or other persons resulting in any loss, damage or compromised quality of the products, you or the recipient shall be responsible for such loss, damage or impairment of quality. No refund or compensation will be provided in such circumstances.
  • For buildings without elevators or accessible only through staircases, customers are required to pick up the products on the ground floor or in the lobby, whichever applicable.
  • If there is no free parking space near the delivery address, customers are required to pick up the products on the ground floor or in the lobby, whichever applicable.
  • For specific locations, customers are required to pick up the products at the designated locations. 
  • In the event when a Typhoon Signal, Red or Black Rainstorm Warning is in effect, or when the delivery company determines that it is unsafe to proceed with the delivery, or due to traffic accidents and road congestion, the delivery service time will be delayed or the delivery date will be changed.
  • Upon delivery of the products, if you or the recipient are unable to take delivery of the products, or is absent, or the delivery address or other relevant information is incorrect, resulting in the unsuccessful delivery of the products, LOVERAL reserves the right to charge you or the recipient additional delivery fee for subsequent delivery arrangement. If for any reason you or the recipient are unable to successful reschedule the delivery and accept the products, you or the recipient would be deemed to have given up the products voluntarily. LOVERAL will not provide refunds, bear any responsibility or provide any compensation in such cases.
  • Upon receipt of a customer’s order, LOVERAL will send an order confirmation to customer via email, listing the order details such as recipient, products, quantities ordered and delivery address. LOVERAL will not bear any responsibility for any delay or cancellation of product delivery caused by the provision of incorrect email address by customer, or issues that are beyond the control of our Company such as network problem, email delay or email undelivered, etc.
  • In case of any delay, our Company or SF Express will be in contact with you directly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  • In case of any disputes, LOVERAL reserves the right for final decisions.



Order Amendment Terms:


  • Once the order is confirmed, no modifications or cancellations will be accepted. Please ensure all information and details provided are correct before making payment. 
  • If a customer needs to modify their information, they are required to provide a reason explaining the rationale for the change. LOVERAL will assess the request on a case-by-case basis.
  • LOVERAL reserves the right to accept or reject any request to modify an order. Modifications to an order may be subject to inventory availability, production processes or other factors that may impact the company’s capabilities or incur additional costs.
  • If the company accepts a request to modify an order, the customer shall be liable to pay an administrative fee of HK$200, which shall be paid promptly upon confirmation of the modification.
  • Modifications to the order may cause delays in delivery time. LOVERAL shall not be held responsible for any delays or losses arising from order modifications.



Note: Damaged / Defective Products


  • Please note that due to food safety and hygiene reasons, we are unable to accommodate returns or exchanges for food products that have been opened or consumed; or if the customer has mishandled the outer packaging resulting in deformation and deterioration of the food products’ temperature and storage conditions.
  • After receiving the products or signing for receipt, please check the products as soon as possible. If there are any damages/incorrect or missing items (such as items or product quantities that do not match the order), please email to contact our Customer Service Department within 24 hours after receiving the goods. Please take photos to record the current condition of the goods, outer boxes and shipping documents, and keep all the items in order for further follow-up as soon as possible.
  • If the goods are damaged or destroyed due to human causes after receipt, they will not be eligible for return or exchange.
  • The colour of the product may slightly differ due to differences in computer colour rendering or individual perception. Please refer to the actual product colour. If there are no issues with the product quality itself, it will not be eligible for return or exchange.
  • There will not be separate notifications for any changes to the above promotion conditions.
  • If there are any disputes, LOVERAL reserves the right for final decision and interpretation.



Storage and Care :


  • Chocolates when opened can stay fresh for up to two weeks if stored in a temperature between 12 to 16°C with relative humidity between 50% to 70%, while avoiding direct sunlight. For LOVERAL chocolate gift boxes, customers should refer to the storage conditions and expiry date indicated on the product.
  • Place the chocolates in a plastic bag until the entire packaging comes to room temperature. The process will take approximately two hours if it was stored in the refrigerator, or six hours if it was stored in the freezer.