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LOVERAL Christmas Countdown Calendar Chocolate Gift Box

Christmas, a festivity immersed in love, where Christmas chocolates become the messengers that convey love between people.

Inside the LOVERAL Christmas Countdown Calendar are 25 love-filled mailboxes, inviting you to unveil a daily delivery of love from the first day of December. Each day, the Recipes of ALLOVER are different yet delightful.

It may be the snowy hue of White Chocolate, whispering of purity and flawlessness of love.

Perhaps it is the velvety brown of Milk Chocolate, carrying love’s sweetness and warmth.

Or even the deep ebony of Dark Chocolate, embodying love’s lingering, bittersweet taste.

It could also be the sensual pink of Ruby Chocolate, enveloping the romance and allure of love. The natural and precious Ruby Chocolate is the rarest discovery in 80 years - exuding intense fruity and refreshing acidic notes without any added colourings or fruit flavourings.

These four enchanting flavours of love are meticulously crafted with Belgian cocoa butter and are adorned with four distinct imprints of ‘A’, ‘L’, ‘❤’, and ‘➕’. When the calendar counts down to December 25th, the final mailbox holds a love letter penned by Anson Lo, the founder of LOVERAL - sweetly sealed with a universal spirit of love, personally delivered to every Sonto of love worldwide.